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is a pioneer of proven solutions in the field of fire prevention on the Pomeranian market. For over 60 years we have remained a reliable partner offering highest quality products and services in the field of fire protection and occupational health and safety. Designs and sales are realized in the entire territory of Poland and abroad.

We operate based on our long experience in the field of


Fire Protection

Occupational Health and Safety

Environmental Protection

We provide comprehensive services in the field of

Fire Protection

in the land and maritime sector, including the design, installation of fire protection systems and devices as well as service, maintenance and repair of fire extinguishers and rescue equipment

Land Sector Maritime Sector


of fire protection and personal protection equipment and medical grade oxygen from a pharmaceutical wholesaler. In addition, we offer filling of cylinders and tanks from own CO2 system.

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We have built a strong, Polish brand based on experience and responsibility. Our mission is to disseminate the culture of fire protection safety on land and sea. We prevent hazards by implementing proven solutions.

History of the company

6 May 1958

The history of the company starts with the Resolution of the Head Administration of Voluntary Fire Service, which appoints the Division of the Service and Production facility as the coordination and supervision unit for the Voluntary Fire Service Association activity.


Establishment of the Commercial and Technical Centre for the Fire and Protection Equipment (SUPON), which includes over a dozen of Voivodeship Service and Production Facilities; the Fire Fighting Equipment Centre (CENPO) is also established.


Transformation into a joint-stock company, the SUPON S.A. Commercial and Technical company with registered office in Straszyn.

14 January 1999

Obtainment of the ISO 9001 certificate guaranteeing the highest quality of service.


The company moves into a new service and office building with warehousing hall.


Commencement of the construction project of a new production, warehousing and office building in Straszyn.

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Supon Group Poland Sp.zo.o.

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