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Polish Halon Bank

Polish Halon Bank

We are an authorised entity for the full servicing of halon extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems.

We offer services on the basis of authorization granted by the Minister of Climate and Environment for storage of halons for critical applications

We offer comprehensive servicing of halon fire extinguishing equipment :

  • Receipt of halons together with the equipment and devices containing them,
  • We also accept contaminated halon for reclamation,
  • We process halon waste into a fully reusable product,
  • Halon fire-fighting equipment may only be used by the military and entities of strategic importance to the national economy.
    A complete phase-out is planned by 2040.
  • We provide design and consultancy support for the replacement of halon fire extinguishing equipment with environmentally friendly alternative fire extinguishing systems.

Menager Adam LELEK   : 502 538 427 

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