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Ship engineering

Ship engineering

As the representative of numerous manufacturers we also perform various overhaul services and offer ship devices and replacement parts for engines and other machinery.

We offer:

Overhaul services

  • repair and maintenance of the main and auxiliary Sulzer engines type Z40, A25, A20 and S20 and engines from other manufacturers WÄRTSILÄ, M.A.N. B&W, PIELSTICK, MaK, SKL, YANMAR and DAIHATSU
  • repairs of hydraulic systems, rudders, life boats, cranes, ship winches and electrical devices
  • repairs and alterations of air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • replacement and recycling of R22 refrigerant to ecological refrigerant in refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • general overhauls of ships, including class and dockyard-maintenance overhauls


Ship devices and replacement parts

  • engines and electric engines
  • air conditioners, radiators (air, oil, water), condensers, evaporators, pumps
  • signalling and control systems, control devices, thrusters
  • compressors and radiator compressors
  • davits, life boats, winches
  • electrical equipment
  • filters, valves, boilers, separators, turbos
  • kitchen equipment
  • heaters
  • water treatment and wastewater treatment equipment
  • maritime washing devices: washing machine and spin dryers, tumble dryers, flat presses, press and tumble dryer


Other services

  • assessment of the condition of Air Handling Unit systems and air ducts and their cleaning, disinfection and bacteriological testing
  • ESI – inspections of environmental systems, which include all types of deck refrigeration systems (i.a. air conditioning systems, refrigerated stores and autonomous ship air conditioners)
  • underwater inspections of ships and watercraft

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