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Extinguishing and rescue equipment

Extinguishing and rescue equipment

We offer a wide range of products and services, thanks to which we ensure fire safety of any watercraft. We prepare individual offers of load tests, service and repair works. We can realize them within a single order or a permanent cooperation agreement.

We offer:

Equipment and services related to fire extinguishing at sea

  • maintenance and repair of CO2 systems, halon, powder, foam, NOVEC, FM200 systems, permanent gas detection systems and AC/OX systems
  • inspections, hydraulic tests, filling of fire extinguishers and portable fire extinguishers
  • smoke detection systems and fire alarm system
  • UTI calibration, gas detector inspections
  • FFE and LSA equipment with SOLAS/MED approvals


Equipment and services related to marine salvage

  • inspections of breathing and escape apparatuses
  • submersion suits
  • chemical protection and gastight clothing
  • inspections of life vests, inflatable life vests and firefighting equipment
  • lifeboats, life rafts, davits and their inspections


Professional load tests

  • static and dynamic tests with the use of water bags with different weight
  • comprehensive system for testing of all types of lifting devices and constructions for weight transfer with the possibility of a gradual increase of load and its equal distribution

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